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Transcending Technology


Strategy WITH Execution

Actionable, clearly articulated strategy is crucial to the success and sustainability of any business. Businesses, the world over, who are quite deliberate about their strategies and are able to execute their strategies will continue to dominate their respective markets. Our approach to strategy is a pragmatic one, focusing on building businesses which able to navigate and thrive an ever evolving global landscape.


We are able to extract the most critical elements of future strategies from you, while supplementing your strategy with our experience and knowledge. Once we co-create a strategy, the next iteration involves deconstructing the strategy into several time horizons and gateways. This is especially important to ensure execution is rapid, and benefits are realised at the earliest possible horizon.


For us it is crucial for strategies to be practical and to be executed with precision. We create strategies which can be flexed and tweaked according to new information and changes in the market.

Our preference is to focus on a few key elements including:


  1. The business strategy (Who, What, Why?)

  2. The customer journey and experience

  3. The value proposition

  4. The execution plan

  5. The financial plan and measurement metrics

  6. The horizonal gateway and planning

  7. The ecosystem(s)

  8. The sales and marketing strategy and plan

  9. The technology plans

  10. The leadership and people plans

Whether you are looking to refine your existing business strategy, or develop a new and disruptive business transformation strategy, we will tailor an offering to suit your requirements.


This will include working with various areas in your business to develop plans and strategies that will feed your main business strategy. This will include sales and marketing, production development, operations, risk management, credit and information technology.


Ecosystems and symbiotic relationships have been pivotal to survival of life since the dawn of time. Business is no different, and those companies who are adept at connecting and creating ecosystems around them have and will continue to thrive as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution. Even working with competitors, without breaching anti-trust laws, is becoming ever increasingly common and important for business to pursue.

We are able to draw on our experience of business and technology help you connect and create the following ecosystems:

- Complimentary business connection

- Collaboration with competitors

- Acquisition of key capabilities or offerings

- Data collaboration and sharing

- Technology ecosystems


Future technologies

As the 4th Industrial revolution gathers momentum, it is critical for companies to invest in and test new technologies and capabilities. Technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics and so on are still in their infancy, and those companies who are able to successfully leverage these new capabilities will position themselves as market leaders.


All too often, such investment or proof of concepts fail to yield tangle results because they lack clearly defined goals and investment in taking them to market. Companies fail to test their assumptions of what they think customers want and need verses what their customers actually require.


We are able to assist you with insights and information to deepen your understanding of new and emerging technologies. Furthermore, we are able to assist you with selecting, ratifying and executing use cases for new technologies in line with your customers’ needs and your business strategies.

We are able to assist you with selecting, ratifying and executing use cases for new technologies in line with your customers’ needs and wants.

Technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics




A critical part of programme and project success is executive sponsorship and engagement throughout the programme. Often conversations with executives are too high level and overly sanitised for effective decision making. Further to this, many business executives could benefit from a bridge, between the programme and information technology, which positions the programme from a business perspective.


Given our networks and experience, we are able to assist you with selecting the best technologies to underpin and futureproof your business.

We unpack and demystify key technical aspects including:


Programme Design

Programme Organisational Structure 



Finance and Accounting



One of the most critical pieces of any businesses' success is its ability to leverage each part of its capability and magnify the sum of the parts. This interaction and engagement internally needs to be seamless to ensure an enhanced customer experience. Organisations which are able to harness key internal functions are able to outperform their competitors in financial returns, cost and risk management.


As the event horizon of transitioning from a programme to business as usual looms, all aspects of the organisation must follow suit in unison to enjoy the full benefit of the new capabilities.

We are able assist with key insights and input into areas like:


Business Management

Risk Management

Financial Management

Change Management

Organisational design



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