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Quantum Catalytic (Proprietary) Limited (“QC”) is committed to the protection of your privacy and will take all reasonable steps to protect any personal information (“personal information”) which you may provide us with via this website.  Our privacy policy indicates what we do with your personal information and what you can do to protect that information. We treat your personal information with care.

QC is the controller of the personal data you submit to us and is responsible for the processing of your personal data under the applicable data protection legislation. QC will store any personal information that you provide us with via this website.  QC may also collect information relating to your use of our website through the Internet.

QC is entitled to use your personal information for purposes connected with the reason that you entered the information on the website.


Depending on the your use of this website and QC’s services, QC may collect and use the following information about you:

  • contact information, including but not limited to name, surname, address, employer, e-mail address, and telephone number

  • any other information you provide via contact forms, email and/or comments posted on this website


Where QC uses your personal information to provide you with its services, QC will keep this information for as long as QC has a relationship with you. Where you have consented to QC using your personal information to provide you with marketing information, QC will keep your information until you unsubscribe.

 QC will take reasonable measures to delete personal information that has become obsolete. Should you so request, in writing, QC will delete your personal information.

For the duration of use of your personal information and for at least 1 (one) year thereafter, QC will maintain a record of your personal information and the purpose for which it is being stored.

QC currently uses the following third parties to store your data on our behalf:

QC may collect information from you directly, via our website, or via and, intermediary or third parties. QC will use this information to fulfil its services to you, and to provide you with information including topical content, updates and marketing information. You acknowledge and accept that QC cannot take any responsibility for any of your personal information that is collected outside the scope of this agreement by any intermediary or other third party whether or not any data relating to you is conveyed through such party’s network or computers.

In the event of a change of ownership at QC, you give permission that your personal information can be transferred to the new owner, provided that the new owner will not dilute your rights and obligations regarding your personal information, which was collected before the change of ownership,  as set out in this privacy policy.

QC will not sell, divulge or make available to any third party, your personal information, unless required or permitted by law or stated in this policy.

QC will take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information, however, should it fail to do so for any reason, you acknowledge

that you will have no claim whatsoever against QC.

This privacy policy may be revised and updated from time to time. You are responsible for checking for any updates.

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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