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Quantum Catalytic is a consultancy focused on co-creating strategies that lead to market transforming businesses by leveraging technology ecosystems to underpin and futureproof your organisation.


O U R  V I S I O N


In a world that is rapidly evolving our vision is to lead the shaping of the future by connecting business and technology.


We want to co-create the future with you by building guerrilla based businesses at the intersection of innovation and disruption, tangential to your business to create and unlock new markets and products.


Our view is to maximise the use of your own resources to deliver sustainable returns above your current business models. Using agile and devops methodologies, we seek to rapidly accelerate your business transformation to reap investment return early on in strategy development, execution and programmes.




Areas of Expertise


Digitisation and


Market and 

Product Development







Futurist. Strategist. Visionary Leader. Business Creator. Eco-system Connector. Technologist. Agile Executor. Speaker

Ravi Naicker has built a reputation for creating strategies that lead to market transforming businesses.


Over his 15 year career in banking, he has turned around a multi-million rand loss-making business into the most dominant player in the market and then built an agile nimble business for the African continent. 

Ravi is an expert at leveraging technology eco-systems to underpin and futureproof the businesses he has run. Ravi has been able to leverage 4 companies across 4 continents to deliver one of the best implementation and integration programmes, for its class globally, on time and within budget.

Ravi is able to meticulously work through every aspect of the business, from sales and marketing to operations, to systems implementation and integration, to the commercial aspects of a business. A consummate all-rounder who places a significant amount of focus on leveraging technology and data for business benefit.

Ravi as the conductor pulls the strings of strong and diverse teams who work in harmony toward co-created goals. His philosophies are structured around team rewards for success, driving toward the same goals. Ravi believes in working with people who are driven, ambitious and passionate about what they do. Ravi sees ecosystem players and partners as part of his extended team.

The Essentials

1. Business Excellence – Leading a multi-billion rand business, to a multi-million rand start-up and building businesses outside in by focusing on the customer. This is pivotal to transforming markets.

2. Digital Marketing - Crafting & monetising market creating customer value propositions reinforced by commercial viability.


3. Stakeholder Co-creation – Whether stakeholders are the core team, internal business, vendors and suppliers, partners; stakeholder co-ownership of goals results in success for the business.

4. Digital Technology – Eco-system integration, Services, Analytics, Big data UX, CRM, Marketing Automation and leveraging FinTech partnerships.

5. Digital Transformation - Working through the complexities of business, IT and cultures whilst driving digital transformation and Lean-Agile delivery.

Reach out for conversation, ideas or speaking engagements around

Futureproof Business Strategies, Building Sustainable Businesses, Digital, Disruption, Lean-Agile, DevOps, Digital Banking, Digital Transformation, Business Models, Blockchain, Payments, Banking, AI, Transformational Leadership, Product Management, FinTechs, Machine Learning, Start-up, and

all things Digital.

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